Biopic: “Buhay Nota”

Produced in 2024, this biopic was created by some young students wishing to dramatically portray Rosendo’s adolescent/young adult experiences beginning to explore the world of music. It is intended to use Rosendo to inspire other young dreamers to endure the practical problems and work towards achieving their goals. The script is in Tagalog (subtitles provided on the video), so provided below this video is a loose translation into English.

Life Notes

Narrator: Rosendo E. Santos Jr. is a ten-year-old child. He has become certain that what he wants to do in life is to learn music and spread it to those like him who also want to learn it. Like other musicians in the history of the Philippines there are also trials ahead.

Rosendo’s Father: Piano again? You haven’t done anything but play the piano!

Rosendo: Nothing can be done when we are busy.

Rosendo’s father: I’m going to sneak out. If you just study there instead of playing someone will be more blessed.

Rosendo: Well, it’s just to pass the time, right!?

Rosendo’s father: Are you really going to answer? You should study.

Rosendo’s mother: Rosendo, are you scolding our son?

Rosendo’s father: I didn’t scold him. I just told you.

Rosendo’s mother: What to say? Because you saw him playing the piano? Why are you so against me? With our son playing?

Rosendo’s father: Because there is nothing to be gained by his ringing. His future will be more successful, if he becomes a lawyer.

Rosendo’s mother: You are not the one to decide that! Your son is good and I assure you that he will achieve something in the field of music.

Narrator: That’s one: the choice between his desire to be a musician or his father’s wishes for him to become a lawyer.

Friend #1: Hey Rosendo, I think you got lost.

Rosendo: I just ran away. All I do is study at home.

Friend #2: What if your father caught you?

Friend #1: I’m sure you’ll get a sermon.

Rosendo: Rather than staying at home all night with only books in front of me. He caught me because I was playing the piano when he typed.

Friend #1: Is he still against you being a musician?

Rosendo: Probably! You know he wants to have a lawyer.

Friend #2: What are your plans now? Your situation is difficult huh!

Rosendo: There are many opportunities to come, and my mother is supportive. That’s all I’ll hold on to.

Narrator: Rosendo is still facing that he never stopped studying music until he came to the point where he recognized him the teacher who will help him, upon reaching the things he wants.

Rosendo: Good afternoon, sir, is it Mr. Julian Felipe?

Julian Felipe: Good afternoon, it’s me. Are you Rosendo Santos?

Rosendo: Yes, Sir.

Julian Felipe: I’m glad to meet you, and I’m even more glad to have you as a teacher in the field of music.

Rosendo: Pleasure’s all mine, Sir. I look forward to studying under your guidance.

Julian Felipe: Good afternoon, students! I’m here to introduce you to your new music teacher.

Rosendo: Good afternoon, everyone! I’m Rosendo Ejercito Santos Jr. Eleven years old and I’m glad to meet you.

Student #1: Disrespectful, Sir! But if I heard correctly, he is only eleven years old–do you want him to teach us?

Student #2: It’s not about being rude, but doesn’t it seem silly to have a child teach us?

Julian Felipe: Do you think I didn’t think of that? But I still put him in that position because I believe in his genius.

Student #1: I understand you, Sir, but how can you be so sure that he can handle us well?

Student #2: Plus, isn’t it insulting, whoever is older is really younger. Why don’t you teach us, Sir?

Julian Felipe: Quiet! I have made a decision, whether you like it or not. Rosendo will teach you.

Student #1: I’m sorry, but I can’t do what you want, Sir Julian!

Julian Felipe: Excuse me, Rosendo, it won’t be easy for them right away, for starters.

Rosendo: I understand, I’ll just wait for them to feel better about me.

Narrator: It was not easy for Rosendo either to follow the path that his heart desires despite the support and care given by his mother, wondering if he can handle it.

Rosendo’s mother: Rosendo, son, you seem to be having a hard time.

Rosendo: Ah, it’s nothing, I’m just stressed by the number of problems: I still have so much to learn in school, there are also heaps of bills I have to pay and then there is still my music teaching.

Rosendo’s mother: That’s really hard. I’m glad you’re happy. Are you happy? And that’s the only thing that matters, then suddenly what difficulty or trial will you go through you will always remember your dream.

Rosendo: Thank you, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to follow the things I want.

Rosendo’s mother: Small thing, just remember that I always support you. Oh, Hey! I’ll make you some milk first, so you can study well.

Narrator: All Rosendo’s hard work did not end in vain because he won many competitions and identification with his musical prowess.

Host: Good evening, ladies, and gentlemen! We gather here today to award a renowned Filipino composer who earned himself numerous awards. Let me call on Mr. Rosendo Ejercito Santos, our only Composer of the Year, prize-winning composer, and the Philippines Composer of the Century.

Charo Santos: At the end of our play, may the story of Rosendo Santos Jr. inspire you. I hope you realize that even if it becomes an obstacle: age, family, culture or difficulties in our lives, that is not enough reason to give up on our dream. They say, if you want there is a way and if you don’t want, there is a way.

Directed by: Lynette Ada
Scriptwriter: Lynette Ada
Editor: Khuert Sapalasan

Rosendo Santos, Jr…….Paul Bumanlag
Eniel Mandane………Julian Felipe
Yesha Tumambing…….Rosendo’s mother (Castora)
Dane Dañal…………Rosendo’s father (Rosendo, Sr.)
Sam Fulgar………..Rosendo’s student
Stephanie Hernandez….Rosendo’s student
Anne Paciente…………Rosendo’s playmate
Khuert Sapalasan……..Rosendo’s playmate
Aeron Del Rosario……..Host
Lynette Ada……………Charo Santos

Perpetual Village
Bernardo College