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Ejercito Santos/ Ejercito Estrada Relationship:

Ancestors of both Ejercito Santos & Ejercito Estrada are Chinese. To attain their citizenship (Pilipino) during the Spanish Regime, one should adopt one naturalized Pilipino citizen. The late Rosendo Ejercito Santos, Sr. (father of RES Jr.) and the late Dr. Emilio Ejercito Estrada (father of the 13th President, Joseph Ejercito Estrada) were first cousins. During the American regime both the father of RES Jr. and the father of the President were asked to teach. The American educators could not pronounce their family name so they added “Santos” and “Estrada” to their surnames.

Rosendo Sr. and Castora Salazar

Father: Rosendo Ejercito Santos, Sr., Cavite City, Sept. 6

Paternal Grandmother: Guillerma (?) Santos

Mother: Castora Salazar Santos, Cavite City, March 28

Maternal Grandmother: Margarita Torres Salazar

Maternal Grandfather: Mariano Salazar


Ester Ejercito Santos
Ester Ejercito Santos

Dr. Ester E. Santos (D.D.S.)-deceased 1946
Mrs. Luz E. de Guzman-Feb. 9, 1912–Cavite City
Mrs. Natividad E. Carlos
Lourdes E. Santos-deceased at 12 yrs.

Teresita E. St. Thomas (adopted) child of the late Dr. Ester E. Cabrera

In the Fall of 1961, Rosendo moved permanently to the United States to begin Master’s Degree studies at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., for Music Composition. Rosendo three years later transferred to West Virginia University to continue Doctoral Studies. It was here that he met Harriet Clendenin whom he was to marry in 1966. Over the following 6 years, Rosendo and Harriet would be blessed with a family of three sons: Erik, Nathan, and Jason, who have continued to develop the musical tradition in their own careers.

Santos Family Music
Santos Family Music

As a family, there was music around constantly. As the boys became skilled enough in their musical studies, the entire family would then perform as a group. All three have continued to compose, perform, and educate in the music field.

Extending the family:  Erik & Toko (Shiiki) on right, Nathan & Kristen (Shaw) top, and Jason & Jill (Trzcinski) left
Extending the family: Erik & Toko (Shiiki) on right, Nathan & Kristen (Shaw) top, and Jason & Jill (Trzcinski) left

For extended biographies on Rosendo’s family:

Harriet (Clendenin) Santos
Erik Santos
Nathan Santos
Jason Santos

Although he would not live to experience his grandchildren, he currently has four: Ross, Ariana, Mattea, and Christian.

Santos family: December, 2023

Performance of the Santos Family: Christmas Eve, 2017:

Performance of the Santos Family: Harriet L. Santos 80th Birthday Tribute, June 30, 2019:

Erik, Nathan, and Jason Santos (December 2023)
All the boys of the Santos house! July, 2023
Erik, Nathan, Roger, Jason, Christian

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