This is a list of compositions known to exist. Many of these works may be found at the College of Music Library of the University of Philippines-Diliman. Rosendo continued to send new music back to his homeland even after emigrating to the United States. Rosendo’s family has many recent works and is working to create digital versions from his original manuscript. As titles surface and are brought to our attention they will be added to this list.

Title ~ Instrumentation ~ Year

A Day for the Lord vocal
A little song for the Lord vocal
A new song for the Lord vocal
A song to father vocal
A Tale of Christmas SATB (1962)
Academic Symphony (1992)
Accent on youth percussion
Advent of joy SATB
Agnus Dei vocal (1955)
Aking Ina! (1941)
Ako’y sugatan : aria ni Emilio _ Nena.
Ala-ala sa yumaong (Pres. R. Magsaysay) vocal
Alinlangan vocal (1947)
All the king will praise thee vocal
Always be true vocal
Ang buhay ni Sisa : arzuelang 4 na yugto
Ang Lihim (1941)
Angelina vocal
Anthem for pentecost vocal
Archibishop Carroll high hymn vocal
Aria for trumpet trumpet
Aria Veloce tuba
Astronauts prayer vocal
Ave Maria vocal (1961)
Awit kay Dr. Jose Rizal vocal
Awit ng kabukiran vocal/piano
Awit para sa pitong wika vocal
Azucena, Ina! (1941)
Badinage percussion & band (1/31/70)
Bagong Liwayway march
Balatkayo vocal
Balitaw capriccio for strings strings
Balitaw in A 2 cellos
Balitaw in G violin, cellos, piano
Balitaw ni Sally piano (1954)
Balitaw sa Bukid
Bangkawit piano (11/14/1984)
Bathe a deux solo trombone
Be exalted O God SATB
Be merciful unto me vocal
Be strong, fear not SAB
Behold! I make all things new vocal
Bella llonga violin & piano (1957)
Betty Jean vocal
Bewildred piano (12/19/1960)
Binibini ng pagsinta (1957)
Birheng banal vocal
Bituin ng panaginip vocal (1948)
Bituin Ko (1941)
Blessed art thou, O Lord vocal
Boy Scouts of the Philippines Hymn vocal (1952)
Bulaklak Ng Pulo (1941)
Campus sketches for the piano 1 & 2 piano
Canon for 2 recorders recorders
Capriccio for Tuba tuba (8/17/89)
Carinosa (4 hands) piano
Carmelita vocal
Carmencita vocal (1957)
Carminda vocal
Caviteno overture
Centennial Pride (2/22/84)
Children of the heavenly father vocal
Choral fanfare
Christ is born vocal
Christ whose glory fills the skies vocal
Christmas etude cello & piano
Christmas medley flute, trumpet and piano
Christmas medley organ & piano
Christmas quintet
Christmas scenes marimba
Clarita vocal
CNB Academic Symphony symphonic band (1993)
Come forth vocal
Concert etude alto clarinet in Eb
Concert overture (1948)
Concert overture no. 4 (1958)
Concerto no. 1 in G minor piano & orchestra (1952)
Concerto no. 2 in A
Concerto no. 3 for piano in C piano & symphonic band (11/3/1985)

Concerto no. 4 for Trombone trombone and symphonic band (7/4/86)

Concerto no. 5 for Trombone trombone and symphonic band (1986)
Dalagang Batangas vocal
Dalagang Filipina SAB a cappella (1957)
Dalagang nayon vocal
Dalisay vocal (1957)
Dandansoy vocal
Dapit-hapon piano
Dawn of Hope chorus, orchestra (1972)
Delta Lamda Sigma Hymn SATB a cappella (7/26/1958)

Destiny Overture Symphonic Band (1/30/1989)
Dialogue no. 1 for horn & multi-percussion horn & multipercussion
Dies Irae 2 pianos
Dottie vocal
Doxology vocal
Draw Thou my Lord, O Christ alto sax & organ
Dreams of Spring vocal (1948)
Ecce sacerdos magnus vocal
Eight amen responses vocal
Enter thou within me, communion hymn
Etude in Accents piano
Etude moderne piano (1957)
Etude no. 1 recorder & piano
Fanfare For Joy 4 trumpets
Fantasy for horn horn
Fantasy for trumpet trumpet
Fantasy on an Ibanag theme violin & piano
Farewell Song (A Graduation Hymn Dedicated to the Cavite High School Class of 1948) vocal (1948)
Father’s Day anthem vocal
Five Fugues for piano piano
Flugelhorn treat piano
Folksong medley SATB
For God alone my soul waits vocal
Forgetfullness vocal
Frieda vocal
Friendly beasts SATB
Gabi ng Pasko vocal
Garita Elementary School graduation hymn
Gentle face of the Lord vocal
Ginintuang ibon flute and piano (1957)
Glorious God of Love tenor-baritone duet
Glorious healing light of God
Glorious Holy Trinity vocal
Glorious Trumpets trumpet quartet & band
Go in peace & joy SATB
God Bless daddy vocal
God Bless our Nation vocal
God needs more praying hands
God never promised bass solo
God still loves us we know vocal
Golden Glow French horn solo and band
Guard me O Lord vocal
Hail Mary vocal
Hand in hand vocal
Hand of God vocal
Handmaid of the Lord, offertory hymn vocal
Happiness Without Sadness vocal
Happy Birthday darling vocal
Happy Birthday Eenie vocal
Happy Birthday Marilyn vocal
Happy is He SATB
Harana no. 1 clarinet quintet
Have Faith, And Pray vocal (1960)
He came back vocal
He leads me all the way horn
Hear my cry, O God vocal
Heritage Sunday vocal
Hermes Overture orchestra (1952)
Hesus, Paalam vocal
Highest Mountain vocal
Hinaharana ka vocal
Holy Jesus vocal
Homecoming Song (10/7/68)
Hosanna to the King vocal
How amiable are thy tabernacles vocal
How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord SATB
How precious your constant love vocal
Humoreske marimba & band (3/29/89)
Hymn tune for horn horn
Hymn tune for recorder & band recorder and band
I am the Lord vocal
I believe in God vocal
I give thee thanks vocal
I have not asked for gifts sop/bar
I heard the voice, for flute & piano flute & piano
I Love thee Lord horn
I make all things new vocal
I think of you vocal
I will lift up mine eyes vocal
I will love thee O Lord vocal
I wish to thank you vocal
I wonder if you knew vocal
I wonder when vocal
Ibanag, for violin (fantasy) violin
Ikaw Lamang (1954)
Incline thy ear to me vocal
Instrumental Trio (1. Romance in D, 2. Minuet) violin, cello, piano (1948)
Interlude horn
Intermezzo flute
Introitus vocal
Invention, for 2 recorders & piano 2 recorders & piano
Irresistible Powers vocal
It is I vocal
It’s great to be alive vocal/piano
Itik-itik piano (4 hands)
J.F.E.S. Alma Mater hymn vocal
Janice piano
Jesus I have promised horn
Jesus I need Thee horn
Jesus is my world piano & fugelhorn
Jesus, lover of my soul vocal
Jesus, master workman vocal
Jesus, opened the prison doors vocal
Jesus, the man vocal
Jesus, United thy Grace flugelhorn
Jubilation March Symphonic Band (9/12/88)
Julie vocal
Junto Al Pasig (A Melodramma in One Act) Words by Dr. Jose Rizal, Music by R.E. Santos (1949)
Kappa Phi Omega song vocal
Kawit High School Hymn (A Graduation Song) vocal (1950)
Kundiman SATB
Kundiman ng puso (1957)
Kwintas na Sampaguita
Ladislaw Diwa Memorial School, commencement song
Lakeside Suite orchestra (1956)
Lapu-Lapu symphonic poem (1963)
Lelita (Mutya ng Katimungan) vocal (1958)
Leron-leron sinta vocal
Leron-leron sinta variations for recorder & piano recorder & piano
Let your light so shine vocal
Lety vocal
Life Patterns
Lihim vocal (1952)
Lina vocal
Linda vocal (1954)
Lita vocal
Little x’mas gift vocal
Lonely voices SATB
Lord all my longing vocal
Lord is my light vocal
Lord of all being SATB
Lord, receive this child vocal
Love never ends
Lulay piano (4 hands)
Lumivisa (tango) vocal
Maharlika Overture Symphonic Band (1989)
Maid of the Valley vocal (1952)
Make a joyful noise vocal
Make we joy now in this feast vocal
Mandala Balitaw (1963)
Manger Child flute & piano
Mangga’t suman vocal
Maria Clara’s lullaby piano
Marikit flute, viola, piano (1957)
Marlang Maya (collection of dances) (1953)
Mass in honor of our Lady, Queen of the Universe SSAA
Mass in honor of St. John Baptist de la Salle vocal
Mass in honor of St. Peter vocal (1965)
Mass No. 1: Missa Pastorale 2 voices
Mass No. 2: Missa de Sn Michael Archangel 2 voices
Mass No. 3
Mass No. 4: Missa Stella Maris 2 voices
Mass No. 5: Mass of the Nativity two voices (1955)
Mass No. 6: Mass of St. Jude
Mass No. 7: Missa de Santa Teresa vocal (1959)
Mass No. 8: Thanksgiving mass (1959)
Mass No. 9: La Purisima Concepcion (1960)
Mass No. 10: Yuletide mass 2 voices (1960)
Mass of St Francis SATB
Mass of St. Joseph vocal
Mass of St. Pascual (1964)
Mass of St. Paul SATB (1964)
Mass of St. Vincent de Paul SATB
Mass of the Blessed Sacrament vocal
Mauling Bituin (zarzuela) (1960)
May God return you safely vocal
Meaning of Christmas
Melinda’s Masquerade ballet (1994)
Melodie piano solo
Melodious Tuba tuba
Melody in G for clarinet clarinet
Memorial day anthem
Mga Awit ng Batingaw
Mindoro Sketches, symphonic suite (1961)
Mirinisa flute, viola, and piano (1957)
Missa Academica brass-organ accompaniment
Missa Brevis in honor of St. Rocco vocal
Missa Filipina para sa dalawang voces at organo
Missa Gloriosa de Madre Marie Laetitia
Monkey from Peru TTBB
Morning prayer vocal
Mountain City Suite: Bontok Ili, Birds on the Pines, Wedding Feast piano (1954)
Movido french horn/trombone duet
Mutyang Batangan vocal
Mutyang Taganayon vocal
My Lord is crucified vocal
My need is you vocal
My Nipa hut vocal
My second christmas with you vocal
My sheep hear my voice vocal
N.U.S. march vocal
Naman (1941)
Nena, opera Act 1, scene one
New Year of love SATB
New Year Song vocal
96 Gavotte
Nonot kamo kano cello duet
Nora vocal (1954)
Norma vocal (1957)
Noveleta J.W.C. Song vocal (1953)
O Holy Lord, by all adored vocal
O Lord my strength vocal
O Lord, thou hast searched me soprano, cello & organ
O perfect love vocal
O send out thy light TTBB
O sintang lupa overture
Ode to Destiny: 1.The Darkside, 2.The Bright Side, 3.Destiny Unknown chorus & orchestra (12/24/1992)
Oh puso ko: kundiman vocal/piano (1940)
Okaka piano, 2 violins, cello (1957)
Onward Lyceum school hymn
Oo Ko
Open my eyes piano
Opposite Directions trumpet/trombone duet
Orchids on your birthday vocal
Oremus pro ponifice SATB
Original balitaw trumpet
Our kiss vocal
Our story vocal
Pagbilao Elementary commencement song
Pagtatanim violin, cello, piano
Pamulinawn 2 piano
Panawagan ni Maria at Jose vocal
Pange Lingua vocal
Paraluman vocal (1951)
Paru-parong bughaw vocal
Paru-parong bukid piano (4 hands)
Pastorale and Rondo for two flutes and piano two flutes & piano (3/12/1979)
Patawad vocal (1955)
Pater Noster vocal
Peace vocal (1952)
Pentecost vocal
Pepe & Pilar vocal (1954)
Perla vocal
Petite ballade for piano piano
Petite suite for xylophone & piano xylophone & piano
Pezzo da tromba trumpet solo with piano
Philippine Folksongs
Philippine Republic March (1951)
Philippine Serenade violin (1956)
Philippine Student Association of Catholic University of America vocal
Pighati vocal (1955)
Pililia Academy Graduation hymn vocal
Pinipig vocal
Portrait of an Artist piano (9/18/1987)

Praise ye the Lord piano
Preambule tenor sax & piano (1/30/1990)
Precious Hand piano (Left Hand only) (6/19/1989)
Precious Mother
Prepare ye to welcome to the Messiah vocal
Preserve me, O Lord vocal
Provincial Capitol March (Dedicated to the New Capitol Building) (1948)
Psalm 24 vocal
Psalm 51 vocal
Psalm of praise vocal
Queen Elizabeth 11 vocal
Receive my thanks, O Father vocal
Rejoice give thanks horn, piano
Rejoice he cometh vocal
Rejoice in God vocal
Ritmo energico piano, multi-percussion
River Kwai contra bass, cello, violin
Romance in D Major instrumental trio (1941)
Roses Wither
Ruby “Sa kaarawan mo” vocal
Rudimental ’75 percussion solo & band (1975)
Sa dako pa roon vocal (1955)
Sa gitna ng karimlan vocal
Sa Karajan Mo (1941)
Sa lihim ng bandila vocal
Salida festiva piano, tuba & multi-percussion
Salve, para sa tatlong boses
Sampaguita TTBB
Santa Clara’s pinung-pino 2 pianos
Sarong-bangui piano (4 hands)
Sassy Trumpets trumpet trio
Satur: fantasie brillante for piano piano
Save me O God, by the name SATB
Saxorama saxophone duet and band (1/17/87)
Schlagwerk March symphonic band (1986)
Servant and Master am I SATB (1961)
Serve the Lord vocal
Set me free vocal
She loves me vocal
Shepherd’s flute flute
Si Gloria (1941)
Sing of Christmas & love vocal
Six hymns for offertory & communion vocal
Snow scene vocal
Someday the sun will shine vocal
Sonata allegro tuba
Sonata for Flute No. 1 flute and piano

Sonata for tenor saxophone tenor saxophone
Sonata in C for piano piano
Sonata in F for horn horn and piano (7/30/1989)
Sonata in G minor for piano piano (10/31/1984)
Sonata in G minor for piano piano
Sonata no. 1 for bass tuba bass tuba
Sonata no. 2 for Bb clarinet Bb clarinet (1965)
Sonatina Filipina piano (1957)
Song of welcome vocal
Songs from Sisa vocal
Songs of praise saxophone quartet
Songs to remember vocal
Speak to me vocal
SSS march song vocal
Stronghold of my life vocal
Suite “The Rice Planters” (1948)
Suite 92 for brass quintet brass quintet
Suite for horn horn and piano
Sunda-sundaluhan piano (1954)
Suspiro Lyrico trombone & piano (2/14/79)

for trombone & piano, 2/14/1979
for trombone & piano, 2/14/1979

Suyuan sa dagat vocal (1953)
Sylvia (1/5/81)
Tag-ani trio violin, cello, piano (1953)
Taga Suba it Akean SATB (1960)
Taga-parang flute, Bb clarinet, violin, cello
Tagalog medley piano
Tagulaylay vocal (1948)
Take my hand, Lord flugelhorn
Takip-silim sa batisan vocal (1955)
Takipsilim Sa Bituin (1941)
Tanging dilag vocal (1957)
Tanging Dilag vocal/piano
Tanza High Cheering song vocal
Tatampu-tampo ka (tango) vocal (1951)
Tatluhan piano (6 hands)
Teach us, O Father vocal
Tears of Christmas vocal
The Beauty of Life vocal and piano (1987)
The Beauty of Spring vocal
The Challenge March (1988)
The living bread vocal
The Lord is my shepherd vocal
The Lord preserved my soul vocal
The Lord’s prayer vocal
The magic tambourine vocal
The moon and you (Clarita) vocal
The Natal Day piano
The Nightingale vocal (1948)
The Now Generation Suite for Band I.Generation Gap, II.Learning For A Living, III.Discovery of Self, IV.Bridging The Gap Symphonic Band (1/28/1969) premiere performance: Wilkes College Concert Band May 8, 1969
The power of God’s love vocal
The Quartet March (9/9/86)
The thankful people of God flugelhorn
There’s wideness in God’s mercy vocal
Theresa vocal
They gazed in awe vocal
Think of me vocal (1956)
Third night for flute, viola and piano flute, viola and piano
Third Overture (1957)
This lovely rose is mine SATB
Thou art my God vocal
Thoughts unspoken vocal
Three lights that night: lullaby
Three pieces for brass quintet brass quintet
Three pieces for piano piano
Three songs for 3 clarinets 3 clarinets
Thy answer I await vocal
Time to be holy flugelhorn
Tiririt ng ibon
Tiririt ng ibon piano (4 hands)
Tiririt polka piano
To feel God’s love vocal
To live his way vocal
Today is the day vocal
Together Somewhere
Trio for flute, Bb clarinet & bass flute, Bb clarinet & bass
Trio no. 2 for Bb clarinet & piano Bb clarinet & piano
Triplum snare drum, 4 tomtoms
Trombone Madness
Tromboniana (10/2/86)
True love vocal/piano
Tuba delight tuba & piano
Tuba encore tuba & piano
Tuba special 3 tubas
Twelve piano pieces in the 12-tone technique piano (9/3/1956)
Two Philippine x’mas carols
Two religious songs vocal
Undying love vocal
University of the East March (Lyrics Jose M. Hernandez, music by RES) (1951)
UP Alumni March (1947)
UP Community mass vocal
UP Elementary School Farewell song vocal
UP Land Grant song vocal
UP Youth Club song vocal
Variations for flute flute (11/27/1993)
Variations for recorder recorder
Waiting for Jesus
Waltzing Guitars guitar ensemble (10/12/1992)
We have erred vocal (1957)
Wedding capriccio organ & double cello
Wedding march No. 2
Wedding processional No. 3
Wedding recessional piano
Wedding recessional no. 3 piano
Welcome Bishop & Mrs. May
Welcome new pastor vocal
Welcome song (UP Elementary School) vocal
When you’re with me vocal
Whither shall I go vocal
Wilkes Christmas Fantasy symphonic band (12/1969), Wilkes College Concert Band 12/19/1970
Wind quintet no. 1 (1961)
With God are wisdom and might
WRG March symphonic band (10/3/68)
Wunderhorn trumpet, tuba & piano
Yearning vocal
Yellow leaves with sunlight vocal
You & I vocal
You’re just on time vocal
Youth fanfare for brass ensemble
Yuletide carol Bb clarinet & piano